Besalú boasts one the best-preserved medieval quarters in the whole of Catalonia. Our guided visit will show you part of the rich Jewish heritage found in Besalú and how the Jewish population lived in medieval times. The streets of the Jewish call are a complex maze that takes you back to the town’s medieval past. We will visit the remains of the synagogue and from a nearby viewpoint we will explain the fascinating history of the town’s medieval bridge. We finish by entering the Jewish baths (miqvé), one of the few medieval Jewish purification baths that remain in Europe.


We will visit

The jewish quarter, the jewish purification baths, the archaeological remains of the synagogue and the medieval bridge.

Other information

  • ­ You can combine this visit with one or more of our guided tours.


30 minutes



  • Group of less than 20 people : 50€ per group
  • Group of more than 20 people : 2,50€ per person