The best to get to know the medieval village of Besalú is to join a guided visit to some of its most fascinating places. On the way we will explain its history as the former capital of its own ‘countdom’, its Jewish legacy and visit some of its most interesting buildings.

  • The medieval bridge over the river Fluvià is the undoubted symbol of the town of Besalú.
  • The Jewish quarter or call whose intricate streets are a throwback to the past.
  • The Jewish baths or miqvé. Here we can enter one of the few such medieval Jewish purification baths that remain in Europe.
  • The archaeological remains of the synagogue.
  • The Monastery of St Pere. We will visit the inside of the former Benedictine monastery founded at the end of the 10th century.
  • Old hospice of St Julià where pilgrims were once welcomed and cared for.
  • Llibertat square

As well, we will also visit Micromundi, Besalú’s Miniature Museum, which houses a unique collection of miniature works of art including a camel train placed in the eyw of a needle and Pinocchio and Geppetto’s workshop in the Shell of a pistachio nut! Well worth a visit, this exceptional museum truly brings the art of the impossible to life!

We will visit

The Jewish quarter, the Jewish baths or miqvé, the medieval bridge, the archaeological remains of the synagogue , the Monastery of St Pere, Old hospice of St Julià and Micromundi Miniature Museum.



1 hour and 30 minutes


Group (minimum 20 people ) = 7,50€ per person